BHF Poster

Just a tip make sure your logos and informations isnt to close around the edge you should make around 1cm margin around and the a 3 mm bleed ive had bits of my work chopped off because i forgot that one :D hope that helps other wise looks good :D
thanks for the tip!

I did think about that but I left it and told them if it needs some room for the bleed to let me know.

Bleed is essential

That logo and url will almost definitely get chopped off.

You need to ensure they are several mm inside of your 'design area' (actual document size once printed) and then add a 3mm bleed to each edge of the document size before it is passed over for printing.

The print firm will then cut the 3mm off, leaving your document design 'as intended' by yourself and your logos and url safe from the choppers.

If you don't add a 3mm bleed on top, there is high chance these items will be chopped off.

I think it's fine. But it's a massive missed opportunity. There must be an idea linking the British heart foundation with music graphically. Off the top of my head - musical notes with a heart at the bottom instead of an ellipse. That's not great, because I thought about it for all of ten seconds, but you see what I'm getting at - this is an opportunity to show your thinking as well as your design skills.