Beyond favorites, how should users add to multiple lists?


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On my site, logged in users can click a heart icon to favorite models. Favorited models are added to a list, so the users can easily find them again. No problems there.

Now, some users have asked to get two more lists (besides the favorites list):
- owned models, i.e. the models that the user has in their collection.
- wishlist, i.e. the models that the user is currently searching for/hope to get as a present

Have some ideas for how I should allow users to add models to these lists? Having two more icons next to the heart doesn't seem like the best idea.


Screenshot from my site, showing the heart icon etc.:

When clicking the heart maybe then give them the 3 options as to where they want to save it?

Save to Favourites
Save to Wishlist
Save to Owned
Why doesn't 2 new icons seem like a good idea?
It's what I would do.

I was on a travel website the other day trying to flesh out ideas for a holiday.
I wanted to add some locations as favourites, and hitting the Heart icon it brought up a dialog box and asked me which list to add it to or create a new list.
To be honest, I found this very frustrating to use, as I just wanted to add them then filter them later.
I think clicking the Heart icon is quite intuitive and you see your Favourites go up in a counter at the top of the screen.

I would have preferred another icon like a '+' to say to add to a different list.

So I think you could have 2 icons
+ and heart

Heart adds to favourites
+ brings up an option to add it to Owned or Wishlist