Bevelling a shape


How do I apply a bevel effect to a shape. I have numerous polygons with a gradient across all of them but bevel and extrude doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? :icon_confused:

It would take a very long explanation to go through this, so here is a link to a page of tutorials on YouTube

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

In my opinion you get good effects using 3D gradient meshes but they are difficult to master, there can also sometimes be issues when a printer rips the file for printing if you use gradient meshes.

Hope that helps.
Yeah, I meant to say, if you don't specifically need it as a vector, you will always achieve a better look in photoshop.

Nice job by the way. :icon_thumbup:
Thanks. :icon_smile: Just looked at some of your logo portfolio and it is impressive as it ranges from simple and clean to complex. Nice.
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In the Raster vs Vector thread Damon says that when looking for a logo designer to ensure that the final file is vector based but obviously the logo I designed above isn't. Is it possible to convert it to vector based or do I have to start it all again. Most of it was designed in illustrator except for the bevel and shadows which I did by exporting to photoshop. Is everything done in illustrator vector including gradients. The more I learn the more confused I get...:icon_Wall:
With regards to the raster image, I am sure there is a function in Illustrator CS3 to convert this to vector, I think it is called "live trace", alternatively if you are using an older version than CS3 then Col posted a link to something that does the same, although I have not tried it personally. To be honest I'm not 100% sure how good the outcome will be on either as it depends on the image you are converting:

As long as the raster image used is high resolution (300dpi - 600dpi) then it will still scale pretty well and be o.k for most things such as flyers, letterheads, business cards etc etc, however, if your customer wants their van or lorry sign written then you will struggle with what you have, infact some printers of certain products can only use vector based artwork.
I do indeed have Illustrator CS3 so will have a go using live trace. I assume it should end up looking the same?

I have approached my boss with the idea of this new logo and if he were to go ahead with it, yes, vehicles would display it so therefore would have to convert it. (He's tight though so can't see it happening :icon_biggrin:)
I think you will struggle to get Live Trace to give you a good vector of your Raster Logo.

(edit) just tried it myself using the one you posted on imagebucket and I can't get a good representation at all :( (edit)

With practice and over time you will soon be able to recreate a lot of effects you can do in Photoshop using Illustrator. Will save you a lot of hassle in the long run importing and exporting graphics :icon_thumbup:
I am going to start getting to grips with Illustrator soon. If need be, the image will have to be sent to a designer to be recreated as a vector image.

Thanks for the help - at least I know the result without trying for hours to do it :icon_smile:
Which part of the logo did you do in Photoshop? Just the 'S' part?

If you want to e-mail me the illustrator file I can see if I can achieve the desired effect for you on the bits you did in Photoshop. No charge.

Might be beyond my scope though too, so no promises :icon_biggrin:
I did the polygons, "SS", gradient and outer glow in illustrator. I then used photoshop to add the bevel, drop shadow, inner shadow and the company name and is a PSD file.

I don't understand what is vector and what isn't. Is everything done in illustrator vector including gradients or just certain things?

I've had trouble emailing big files in the past and I wouldn't want you to go to all that trouble for my boss to say no which is extremely likely!