Best way to find a permanent job in the UK

Roger That

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Can members please advise on the best way to find a job. I'm a UK citizen and am looking for work in the UK.

I get emails from the job boards (Total Jobs, CV Library etc.) but wondered if people thought networking was a better way, or sending letters on spec to organisations you admire., or anthing else.

Thanks in advance.
There's no right or wrong way.

When I was looking for a job all those years ago trying to break into the system of graphic designers - back then there was no internet.

I got the phone book and picked about 50 places within a radius (as I wasn't driving) and I printed out 50 CVs, 50 Cover letters - hand signed all the cover letters.
Inserted to 50 envelopes
Hand wrote 50 envelopes.
Posted 50 letters.

I had over 50% hit rate - if I remember correctly.

I'm not sure that approach would work now.

Usually, I get emails sent to me from people looking for work.
I might read them - I might not.
If I'm definitely not looking for anyone I'll file the emails in a folder in my Outlook called CVs - and I'll put the persons name as a sub folder (so I can see maybe if they 'reapply')

It's not that often I'll get something in the post anymore these days.

Here's the thing though - if I was sent a letter in the post I would read it.
I get an email - I file them away without reading them.

How would I go about it today?

I'd send the CV/Portfolio to anywhere. Then I'd follow up with a phone call the same day.
Then I'd follow up again with an email/phone call in 3 days.
And on the 5th day - I'd send an email again.

Then I'd give it 7 days. Phone.
Another 7 days. Phone and Email.

Still no bites - move on.


And I'd do this for each of the positions I apply for.


The number of people who send in a CV/Portfolio and I never hear from them again.