Best way to do this in Photoshop? - White to black


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I'll put my hands up and say I'm absolutely no genius when it comes to Photoshop, but I like to think that I'm better with it in some ways than in others!

Anyway, I have tried a few ways to do this so far and none have been great.

Here's the image...


I need to invert her glasses only from white to black, but her hair is making this difficult.

Tried layer mask, colour replace, plain and simple wand tool with different tolerances and cutting out by hand.

Any help appreciated :) Feel like a noob again!
personally I would create a new layer, trace / draw round the glass with the pen tool and fill with black and set to multiply / otehr layer style that works best
OK that was my quick solution LOL. The longer way would be to set the image mode to RGB, go into your channels, try out which one of them gives the greatest contrast (probably blue) then go to image calculations and create a new channel (which will be called Alpha1). On this channel adjust the laters to get a greater black/white contrast. Once you have a strong black and white, use the paintbrush in black to overpaint everything bar the glasses then Cmnd / Control click the channel icon, thsi will select the white only (i.e the glasses). Click the RGB channel to turn it back on and turn off the Alpha1 channel. You can close the channels panel now. Go back to your layer, click on it (so it's active) then press Cmd / Control and J to create a duplication of your selection, thsi will give you the glasses only... recolour to black.