Best Research Methods?


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Hello all!

I'm a third year student studying Graphic Design at Staffordshire University.

Over the summer we got given an introduction brief to our core module so that we could make a start to our busiest year.

The brief was to find an interesting fact within the subject of 'Networking'. It could be any fact to do with any form of Networking, aslong as it interested us.

I chose to go with Online Gaming Network, and my chosen fact is 'Xbox Live is available in 35 different countries".

I've done some simple initial research, but my question to you guys is, where do you start with your research, what do you research, what is enough research, and what kind of methods do you use to research?

So far i've researched the basics of what xbox live is, retro gaming and how things have changed from past to present, and different designers work that I find inspirational to this subject.

For the past couple of years my Lecturers have constantly told me that my biggest downfall is my research. They say I can design and produce excellent work, it's just that if I changed my research methods it would change the outcome of my final piece, which essentially could change my grades.

Any help is completely appreciated.

It's a good question but it's an academic one, isn't it? Don't they teach research methods to undergraduates anymore?
They sure do. I suffered a whole year of learning about research methods. Not nice, not nice at all.
Hello Jack,

What are you trying to verify / conclude? What research methods would be appropriate to reach a meaningful conclusion?

How do you know it's 35 countries? What does 'available' mean? Why those 35 countries? Why not others?

Think about where you are trying to get.