Best places for Designers to find work online?

I have to say I don't like oDesk as they will tend to go for the cheapest bidder. So cheap that us brits can't compete.

And they have this horrible thing that "watches" every move you make as soon as you boot up and takes screen shots every ten minutes so if you forget to turn it off and you've been looking at naughty things on the internet, images will be captured and stored on your profile for all to see!
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Unfortunately thats the case with all such sites these days Maddy. That being said you'll generally find that good projects, with proper funding tend to go with british designers/developers as its better for communication etc.

I also like to remind people if you pay cheap, you pay twice (or something to that effect) :p
Your right Maddy, ODesk isn't the greatest for designers in the UK, unless you like working for £2.50 per hour!

Think we might have just had a little insight into what Maddy gets up to during the working day! :icon_biggrin:

Seriously though, your right it is a rather strange feature!
Hey, don't look at me. I am a sweet and innocent young lady!! Blame the other half:icon_biggrin:

Boss Hog posted the free logo offer on behalf of myself on UKBF and looks quite promising for getting design work. What do others think of UKBF?

Although now I realise you mean purely online work and not finding work with the aid of the web. (I need to read things properly!)
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Personally I use business forums to get work, I've never used any of the freelancer sites as I feel that the bidding wars that go on are ridiculous and people are winning jobs on the basis they will do it for $20 etc.

Do a brilliant job for 3 or 4 customers and you'll soon be getting work via referrals. The majority of my work is from referrals and business networking. I don't spend much on self promotion at all.

and the phrase is:

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice! :icon_smile: