Best paper to print posters for A boards?


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I'd like to buy an A board and be able to print new posters for it each month on my Z6100

Can anyone recommend the best type of paper to use?

I was thinking satin would look good, but might not wear well. Then I thought that polypropylene might work well as it's made for short term outdoor use.

Then I heard that it might be best to get encapsulated posters, which is a laminated poster?

Unfortunately if I did that it would mean I'd have to pay to get encapsulated ones from elsewhere instead of printing them myself, or pay just to have them encapsulated.

Does anyone have any experience or advice with regards to this?
I always laminate outside posters unless using my solvent machine. BUT assuming your A Board has a clear plastic front panel (eg. Trappa form Ultima, Icon from Plex, or pretty much any other changeable graphic A Frame thinking about it) a good polyprop will suit short term on the 6100. Give Mick at Papergraphics a call, he's got a decent gloss polyprop that prints great on my 6200. (Given you'll be putting the poster behind an anti reflective plastic sheet, matt/satin/gloss surface makes next to no difference frankly.)