Best file and folder structure for websites?


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Hi everyone

I am new to web design and currently learning XHTML and CSS which I am finding fairly logical. I have CS4 which includes Dreamweaver but I am currently coding by hand in Notepad++ so that I can get to grips with the coding properly. My question is how do I set up the files and folder for sites I am building as I assume they will get bigger as I get more practice in.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
I have images in one file, js in another and tend to leave html loose! But then I've not built massive sites so far. If you do it logically then I would think you could do what you want!

Well done with learning XHTML & CSS I looked at Dreamweaver and ran! Useful to know how to code even if you do go back/on to Dreamweaver.
My standard file structure for any static site is:

- images
- css
-- reset.css
- js
-- jquery.js

Obviously, that is a good base, but if you are using a dynamic setup, then things have to change :)