Best Drawing Tablet around £500


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I'm going to get a drawing tablet and I'm thinking of getting the Wacom Cintique 16 (not pro) which retails at around £549.

Is this the best I can get for around this price? quality of 'drawing' experience being the main thing I am looking for.

If I spent more £900 on the Galaxy S9 tablet and paid for the creator edition pen, how would that drawing experience compare?

Thanks for any info on the topic of drawing tablets
I would head over to somewhere like Creative Bloq where they compare various models, I'm sure they did drawing tablets quite recently.

Not many digital artists on here I don't think.
The Wacom Cintique 16 (non-pro) is a compelling option, but it isn't necessarily the best.
Wacom cintiq 16 offers better pen experience for drawing than its competitors: xp-pen artist 16 (2nd gen) and Huion Kamvas Pro 16, but Huion and xppen are very affordable at half of the price with decent painting experience.
pctechtest site has many good info about drawing tablet and apps, you can check it.
I'd be interested to know which tablet you went for and how you are finding it so far?