Beginners Question: Finding Metallic Gold Colour?


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Hi Guys,

Firstly please forgive my probably stupid question but I am having a great deal of trouble finding out "How" and "Where" I can find the below.

I am designing a header for my website and I wanted to assign the colour Metallic Gold to the Typeface header logo.
The problem is none of the colour codes for Gold in CMYK are good or Metallic. I have heard that I may be able to find this using RGB but again the colour code for gold isn't good or Metallic. Then someone suggested Pantone but I am not printing the header as it'll be online only so I was told that Pantone won't work either.

To be honest I am completely lost here about what to do to achieve this, and if I am honest I am confused about the differences between CMYK/RGB and Pantone.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.


Probably best to use a gradient to imply a metallic effect. You need to suggest light dispersing across the type, otherwise you'll just end up with a solid colour like you said. You can do this with CSS but using an image is probably the best bet.

CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). These are are the colours that are mixed to create other colours when printing.

RGB is Red, Green and Blue. These are the colours used to create other colours on screens.

Pantone is a "spot" colour (the previous are "process" colours). Pantone colours are produced by the Pantone company, and are available to buy pre-mixed. They are often more vibrant that the CMYK process alternative, which can get 'muddy' because you're mixing ink together. Think of Pantone colours a bit like paint from a DIY shop. You buy the exact shade you want and just paint it straight onto your walls without having to mix it.
Perfect big thanks Paul. I am very dumb at this stuff as I can just about build a website.

Regarding using a gradient to imply metallic effect with CSS, how would I do this? Also again sorry to be dumb but what do you mean about using an Image to get this colour.
Do you mean I can grab the colour from an online image and instruct my program someway to use this?