Beer mat print?


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Anyone do beer mat printing?

An idea of cost would be great.




Sorry, I currently don't have a quantity but Im guessing around 1000-1500
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Sorry, I've got patchy signal on my phone so was just trying to get a post up.

I'm after the card beer mats like you find in the pub. The sort if thing you end up using to level out a wonky table leg.
From discussions today, there's talk of 3-4 mats to fitting together to make up a larger image. how would that affect the pricing?
As of yet I'm not sure. They're to be supplied to the beer tents at 4 country fairs so I can't see them needing more than a couple if thousand in total.

Sorry, I'm being absolutely no help am I!

Maybe I should just come back when I know a bit more?!?...