BBC Sport Re-design.


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So the BBC sport website has been revdesigned. I think I look at this site at least 5 times a day. My number 1 procrastination tool.

But I'm not keen about the new look at all. It just looks a mess. There isn't a lot of separation between articles, links or images etc.. It looks way too cluttered for my liking, making parts of it tricky to read. I'll be reading one section, then a whole different article about a totally different sport comes into my eye, which is rather annoying.

I like the top yellow/black banner. It looks clean and fresh, which ultimately what a redesign is all about. But it goes down hill from there.

I loved the BBC Radio 1 redesign. It looked much better. It was clean, fresh, colourful, a lot more coherent and just nice to look at. I was assuming the BBC Sport site would be the same. It isn't.



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I really like the new BBC Sport Website more user friendly than the old Website.

I use this website probably every time i surf the net to keep tabs on my Local Football team.

Great article.
It's my homepage too - well not any more. I flick between the BBC Sport site and the Sky Sports site. I actually love Sky's version. I guess it stems from the fact I really like Venturethree's total brand identity of Sky, and the website just fits with it. It's great. It's clean, concise, and easy to navigate, but more importantly it's readable. It doesn't just have the 2 main headlines, it shows links to other news within each section next to it, but in a tidy way.

My new homepage!

Re: The Telegraphs site, the new BBC design looks very similar to that.
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My homepage is Google. Always has been.

But, I quite like the BBC Football redesign. I don't think there's much wrong with it at all, except last night, they had no sound on their videos :(
There just seems to be less of it on my screen, I actually want info not design (apologies to our readers) plus it keeps showing an England batting collapse, which never happened with the old format. :icon_wink:
It's slowly starting to grow on me but I hate the way the non-league stuff seems to have vanished, takes me ages to find anything that I want to.