BB Curve Ad


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Just messing around on photoshop creating something new to put in my portfolio, I still want to add some more stars and clouds and create a proper space environment in the background. Let me know what you think.

Yea I suppose I shouldn't go to over-board and keep it simple, though perhaps some subtle stars would be nice.
It's not an ad. There's no idea there. It's just a product shot. Surely there's a great visual to come out of checking movie times or recipes etc on a phone?

The thing as it stands looks odd to me. It looks like the phone is shaking up and down. Or is that the idea? And the text - either centre it or range it left. Don't do both. In this case, I'd centre it.
It was supposed to look like the phone was travelling through a vortex away from earth, but also signals and data transfer coming out of the phone at the same time. This is a product shot by the way, incase you didn't know.


Either way, it doesn't really matter what I call it, it is supposed to be a pretty picture.
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It is a pretty picture. But there's a great idea bursting to come out. And then it would be a lot more than just a pretty picture. If I was you, I'd get a black marker pen and a pad, and sketch out some ideas and thoughts. Then go on the Mac and play with Photoshop if you like. But get the idea right first. I assumed it was a poster, or an ad or something because you've put text on it. If not, lose the text and just have the product shot and the logo.