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Hi all, Im sorry if this is posted in the wrong bit,

I am creating a banner in photoshop for a website template.
I Save my banner into html and images. this gives me a html and links it to my jpeg banner or gif

I am working with a lady who keeps asking for the correct html to upload to a website server.
I am trying to explain she needs to upload the jpeg onto a server to get the html, but the website template
only allows html. so does this mean i Need to upload the jpeg to a server?

How do I send the html?

Am I being the one who is wrong here? I am trying to explain the jpeg needs uploading but all they are concerned about is the html..

if so where can I upload my images and get a html for it? without any adverts on the banners, for example not photobucket.

I hope I am making sense, as this is getting quite fustrating for me

Please help asap. thanks
I don't totally understand but if its a banner for an existing website then you'll need to alter the image tags in the html so that it uses your new gif/jpeg.

If its a html template you have made then you can give them/upload the html you have and place the image in a relative folder to the page.

Does this make sense?

If I've got it wrong you might need to be more specific or provide examples.