Band on Budget Seek Logo/Artwork


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Hi there,

I'm from the band The Underdogs, a UK based 4 piece alternative rock band. We've been playing for a while together now, have some recordings however we are limited in the way of a "brand" and ideally looking to create a band logo (as in a font for our name) and a piece of artwork to be used with our next single. We were looking for something imaginative and quite like the idea of having dogs dressed as humans as a centre piece. Other than that we are happy to let your imagination run wild!

We are only young (some of us have student loans to consider) and so we really have a limited budget (we're talking somewhere in the region of £60).

If you wanted to see what we're like, listen to our music, see some photos of us etc. here is a link to our page:

Thanks for anyone considering this!

Sounds like a cross between Green Day, The Automatic and a smattering of Teenage Fanclub, I like it :icon_clapping: Good luck with finding someone.
I understand your all students with loans etc but you can't expect all of that to be done for just £60. But I have PM'ed you an offer anyway.
We are a group of designers, we're all pretty poor because of that. We've come up with an idea of a compilation album and would like bands to contribute a track. It has to be really good, well written lyrics and mastered. Obviously we'll need the publishing and recording rights as well and our budget is £60. We look forward to hearing the submissions. :)