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Hey guys

New here and I'm just looking for some help and opinions if that's OK.

I'm designing a logo for a clothing range I'm hoping to launch next year, you can see my work so far below.

Looking for some opinions on the robot image shooting the people, I originally designed this without the people being shot off the edge and then almost as an after thought I put them in, just not sure which one looks better, I've shown it to a few people and have gotten mixed opinions.

Other than that I'm just wondering what people think overall?

Also not sure about the horns on the robot, maybe he's not robot enough I'm not sure...

This is a work in progress and by no means finished, haven't given much thought to the colouring or texturing of the actual logo yet.

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Quite like the robot, not keen on the lettering - those lines will just fill in when small.

I would lose the people, forget about him being the 'o' and simplify the lettering. Does it have to be one word - that's a long word to
fit on a label? Make sure it doesn't look anything like Bad Robot ie avoid red for a start!
Make sure the logo is simple enough to look good at small sizes too. If you have an easy to remember logo, you will get more recognition across your marketing channels. Also, make sure you portray the image that you would want your clothing line to have. How do you want to be perceived by your target audience?
Thanks for the replies.

With regards to the size, I don't think I'll be putting these on labels to start with, I've designed this with the idea of using it on a website but it's certainly something I may do in the future, would you say it's to long for a website logo?

I must say I do quite like the font but the lines behind it could cause issues so that's a good point, perhaps I'll remove those.

Definitely want to stay away from the Bad Robot logo as well.

I'll try and get some changes made and post my progress.
I shouldn't really like the font but for some reason I don't mind it. It feels like a font you made yourself, you probably didn't, but it has that organic slightly 'robotty' feel to it. I don't mind you having the robot's body as the 'O' either, as it is clear to decipher. The first one is definitely best, without the people, there's no need for that. I'm not too sure about the horns either. I think you have already picked up on what can be improved/edited. Only real criticism is the robot looks like something I've seen before and obviously the name itself is very similar to Bad Robot and that was the first thing I thought of. But nice job, I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
Look at your clothing labels on your shirt

How will you fare?

Simplify, Simplify and Simplify ----- oh and definitely approve the former of the latter!
I don't like this font. The kerning is not quite right in the word 'Robot,' the 'R' and the 'O' needs to be a tad closer to the 'BOT.' I don't like the overuse of shading behind everything and I'm still not sure about the horns on the robot, it doesn't make sense for horns to be on a robot although I do understand why you may have added them. If your clothing line was called Evil Robot, the horns would be more fitting. I like the Robot, it looks crazy (in a good way), have you thought of turning the ray gun the other way round so its facing him? Or would that be turning out too much of a negative message? Just a thought.
Right then here is another option, I've taken into account what people are saying, I've kept the font but moved it slightly closer together, simplified the robot and turned the gun, not sure how I feel about the gun pointing at him now but I'll sleep on that and then perhaps make some more changes.

View image: BADASS7