Bad week, anyone?

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Anyone else having a bad week?

Took a chance on an order a few weeks ago (from a customer who has placed 4 or 5 orders), printed some letterheads, compliment slips and business cards for their client whilst awaiting payment (very nice too!).

2 and a half weeks have passed, no payment and no contact despite 15 telephone calls and MANY e-mails, decided that all I could do was phone their client to see what was going on as the stationery has been ready for dispatch for over a week.

Her reply, "we received our stationery a week ago"

This design company have placed the order with us, sent over the artwork, we have printed it and whilst awaiting payment they have printed it elsewhere and not even told us!

£200 down the toilet just like that!!

I am absolutely fuming, have done the letter in the post recorded delivery and all that yesterday so just waiting to see what happens, there is NO WAY I will just write this off and will go through debt collection agencies and courts to recover the monies owed.

Some people just don't have a clue! A bad start to the week :icon_sneaky:
Cheers Col

I should never take chances like this to be honest and know I shouldn't, but, I like to go that extra mile where possible for my resellers, 99% of them really appreciate it although idiots like this make it very difficult for me.
yeah, you do your best to go the extra mile and people just shit on you from a great height. it is rather annoying :icon_Wall:
Can't believe it to be honest, they just paid after receiving my letter today. No apologies or explanation mind, oh well, least I'm not out of pocket now. :icon_smile: