Backsave an ID 5.5 file and I will love you forever


That's right, you read it right. Except I won't, because all my love is tied up with my wife and two kids, but I'll be very appreciative either way!

So a client has sent me an ID 5.5 file which a previous designed made. Unfortunately being a tight ar$e I only have cs3 so can't open it.

If it's allowed, can someone convert it for me please?
You might have some issue with this because CS5's legacy format (imdl) isn't readable by CS3. The only way to do it s to have indesign CS5.5 (or newer) create the imdl file. Then open that with CS4 and create the INX legacy file (which is readable by CS3).

Luckily, I have a machine running CS6 and one running CS4 so could potentially help you out (provided all this backwards compatibility doesn't bugger the files). If you'd like me to try, zip the files up and send them to [email protected]
You should ask them for a PDF of what it looked like in CS5.5

As with backsaving, new features introduced to CS3 versions won't be included - things like Span/Split Columns, and Articles etc. won't be transferred back to CS3.

The best option for both parties is that you both work on the same version.