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Hi Guys could you just give me your thoughts on the design of a current non-live project I'm working on.
so its this is the product and our thinking behind it...

Bacardi Fusion
Bacardi flavoured rums mix classic Cuban white rum and vibrant fruit flavours; cherry, orange, apple, pineapple and lemon. The target audience are 18 – 24 year old males; these guys are a fun and outgoing group who are always on the lookout for a laugh. Our inspiration for the Bacardi Fusion campaign is great chemistry. The aim is to get these young people together, forge great friendships and create ever-lasting memories. Most importantly we wanted to show our target audience that it is not about how much you drink when you are out but who you are out with.

Drinks Mat
Drink mats are a common feature in pubs, clubs and bars around the U.K. More often than not we find ourselves playing around with them instead of using them to rest our drinks on. Our ambient execution takes a standard drink mat and gives it an added dimension. The pattern on the outside of the mat can be arranged to make a larger picture, encouraging friends to mingle and co-ordinate to complete it. The drink mat can also be peeled open to reveal an exciting new Bacardi cocktail recipe and information about where to find more recipes on the Bacardi website.

There will also be a facebook campagne and a interactive billboard where you can upload your mobile pics and comments.

I am just after some feedback on the overall design, aswell as the font I have used in the poster and drinks mat.

Thanks all

Right now to try and attach all this!:icon_smile:
Not convinced that bars will be thrilled with customers peeling open all the bar mats every night to reveal and compare cocktails. The detritus being left to recycle - the item becoming single use.
Oh maybe i should have explained better the drinks mats wouldnt be a use one senario they would still be useable after being opened and drinks mats never last that long anyway (i used to be a cocktail waitress) maybe we will extend the text to include this.
Excuse the Lorem ipsum but this is the pdfs to display the concept.


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The second is an interactive billboard where you would text your pic and message and it would be displayed on the billboard. The pic would stay untill someone texted in another pic etc and then it would eventually become more under the stack untill about 20 pics and the oldest pics would be discarded.
What do you think of the font?
Hey Louie,

I'm not sure how to phrase this without coming across as a big sexist moron to be honest, so I'll just try my best.

With the target audience being 18-24 year old males, I don't think I quite expected the thin line drawings and curliness of it all. Personally, that reminds me of a fashion/textile print and that's always something I associate with women (there we go, awkward). I just don't think it's 'man' enough for the target audience?

Maybe you should try this?


Haha, sorry, I'll get my coat.

All in all though, I love the concept? Being able to put loads of beer mats together to make something is an awesome idea. Maybe you could have the cocktail making instructions of one side and the pattern on the other, therefore there'd be no unnecessary ripping?

I've also just realised, that the line thing might not be how it's actually going to look and it's just a roughing up so everything is in place? So sorry if that's the case.
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Haha! My daughter insists on getting a where ever possible Yorkie on princple!
I think I'm sticking with the pattern I'm working with some one on this and he fits the target audence exactly so I'm sticking with it and I'll keep it lines so maybe not as girly as it could be.
Yes the non peeling idea is good! thats prob a good way to go
This is a comment on the product more than anything but generally speaking I would imagine fruity-mix-style drinks are more of a girl thang. (Sorry if I was also sexist).