Auto Creation, Classified Section, Adobe Indesign... is it possible?


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Is it possible to auto create classified style adverts useing a CSV file??

For example, i'm looking to make a local newsletter which i'd like to have a classifed section where people can sell items locally for free.

I have a webform which collections the information, ie item title (ie tv) then information, contact number etc, is there a way to automatically import that information into a indesign file so it brings in the title, bolds to (or applies a style) then adds the information, then the contact number with style, then saves the doc, starts on next line of csv and repreat till then end etc??

i could then insert these file and place on the page of the news letter, or around the news letter, ie down the side etc

AdFlow would deal with the process quite successfully... Unfortunately AdFlow costs somewhere in the region £20-30k.
If I had to use Indesign I'd set up your basic advert document and use mail merge in InDesign, you can format the mail merge fields and so that would auto apply when you merged - I'd probably put a limit on the number of characters for the information bit though as you'd end up with overflow which you'd have to sort manually.

Then I'd PDF the document and drop those PDFs into my newsletter layout.
And by put a limit I mean tell your customers not to use any more than x characters in their description, tis not an Indesign thing.
oh never knew indesign had mail merge, ill have a play with that, i can set a character limit on the HTML for so thats not an issue.... ill just have to work out he limit but little trial and error will sort it im sure :-D

Yep, the data merge function is pretty good. However, you do need to make sure your CSV file is set up properly, i.e., no extra columns.