As a Graphic or Logo designer, would you offer this new service to your clients?


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I am considering the launch of a new service that I think would be well aligned with graphic and logo designers, helping them earn more from each client by suggesting an additional service after their work.

Your feedback as experts is much appreciated: would you use it if I create it, or not?

"What does the customer get?"

A customized stock photo focused on the their logo. Here is an example:


The customer can select (through an easy web app) from a gallery of walls, people passing by and type of plaques in the wall. Then he uploads his logo and in 48 hours receives that customized stock photo featuring the core of his brand.

"Why would he want that?"

Business stock photos are Big business. They are widely used to project a professional, established business image. However, most are generic, boring and you see the same in different companies. If your customer could have a unique taylor made stock photo that communicates the vibe of his brand while making them look sharp - wouldn't that be valuable put in their website or marketing materials?


-Look professional and raise your credibility
-Create the right first impression
-Make your brand's name more memorable


So again the question is:

If I created this service, would you offer this to your clients, as an additional recommendation after you end the logo creation service?
You would obviously earn a generous commission for every order - for doing no extra work.

If not, why?

Thanks for the feedback!!
I like it. It's an innovative twist on, as you rightly say, usually dull stock images. Don't forget to sell this idea through web designers as well.