Arts Bournemouth v Bath Spa


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I am a foundation diploma student keen to study Graphic Design/Communication at degree level, who has been offered 3 conditional places. I have decided to choose Falmouth as my firm choice but uncertain with regards to which of these I should choose for my insurance.

Do forum members have any experiences/advice/recommendations of these universities? Help would be gratefully appreciated.

Hi. Is it the 3 year degree course at Bath Spa Uni or a design course at their partner college that youre applying for?

I actually turned down Falmouth and instead chose Bath Spa's 2 year Foundation Degree (topped up to a full degree) at their partner college in Weston. Best choice I ever made.
Hi, just want to say thanks very much for replying!
Yes, it is.
Very much enjoying the Foundation diploma at the moment, the freedom is great and has really allowed me to expand and develop my skills. But I feel I am definitely keen now to do a full 3 year degree at University. Out of interest what prompted your decision to do a foundation degree?
No problem. I got offers from 4 unis including Falmouth, Plymouth and Nottingham but instead chose the Foundation Degree with Bath Spa at their partner college. The course just appealed to me more. It was a brand new campus with brand new facilities, new macs, screen printing and book binding room, large format printers, but the course itself was more 'me'.

The whole 2 years was focused around getting us industry ready when we graduated. Almost every project was a live brief, we had business modules, portfolio modules, 3 periods of work placement opportunities, guest speakers on a monthly basis. I didnt see this anywhere else and wasnt interested in 3 years of experimenting like your average degree.