Articles and Books About Large Design Companies VS Small


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I'm doing an assignment where I need to compare and contrast the differences between working for large companies and working for small ones. I'm having trouble finding any books or articles that relate to this in anyway. Does anyone know of any that I could possibly pull a few quotes from? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
See if you can get hold of a copy of 'One Thing I Know'. It's basically a collection of articles by creatives detailing their experiences. If I recall there's a few snippets where designers talk about starting their own small studio after having worked for larger agencies. The book is quite hard to get hold of as it was printed in limited runs and given away for free, and it might not give you what you're looking for, but maybe you can take something from it, if you can get a copy.

Or post the question here and see if you get any responses from our members.
You tend to find the d&ad annuals have snippets from well respected designers regarding their experiences with and without big agencies. BUT you'd probably need to buy every edition ever printed to get enough to make it a worth while exercise.