Art Printer Recommendations


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I am currently working on some nursery art designs, which I'm hoping to be able to print myself for sale. I was just looking for recommendations on decent desktop printers, that print upto A3, ideally using 'archival quality' inks. Upper budget of around £500. I'm producing the designs on Illustrator and so hoping to find one that will print crisp vector images, as from previous experience inkjets seem to often print solid blocks of colour quite streaky. Have come across a few so far but all seem to have very mixed reviews, especially in terms of ink usage per print. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)



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I'm using the EPSON WF-7710 at the moment, prints up to A3 size. Not sure it would print to the high quality you would need, it has no problem printing on thicker papers up to 160gsm, haven't tried anything more yet. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to tell you with regards to print quality as I haven't fully tested its capabilities yet. A suggestion if you're planning on printing for sale, maybe take orders as they come in and use a trade printer to print them at a low cost, deliver direct to customer and add your markup? I know you won't have anywhere near as large profit margin but might help to start with?