Are you worth your wage? (New TV Series)


We are looking for talented professionals who are absolutely worth their wage to appear in a new series for Channel 4 about working life and pay in Britain.

The purpose of the series is simple. We will follow a small group of talented individuals with contrasting jobs and salaries as they spend time experiencing and comparing each other’s working lives. We are particularly keen to find successful individuals willing to demonstrate the hard work, responsibility, working hours and pressure that comes with being a high-earner.

This series goes beyond tabloid stereotypes and instead of criticising high earners - instead looks at why different jobs are worth their wage. We want to challenge preconceptions about certain professions and break the taboo about revealing how much we earn.

Are you stereotyped based on your job? Would you like the chance to set the record straight about your profession and show how you are worth every penny?

To register your interest or for more information email [email protected] or call Sarah on 0207 241 9300.