Are "private" Youtube videos, actually "private"



I am looking at building a video membership website which will offer history lessons to its members. If I linked the videos to Youtube and set them as "private" would that be sufficient to prevent them being seen by non members. I thought that it was but I was told that there was a way that you can see videos that are supposed to be "private" on Youtube. Can anyone verify it? I thought they were safe, or would putting the videos on Vimeo be a better option?

I would be grateful for any feedback :D

Paul Murray

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From here
Private videos and playlists can only be seen by you and the people you choose. Your private videos won’t appear to others who visit the "Videos" tab of your channel page. They also won't show up in YouTube's search results.
You will need to manually invite people to access the videos via an email address (linked to a Google/YouTube account) and I believe there's a limit of 50 addresses you can have active per video.