Are my ideas any good?


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I am doing a brief (Heinz) that has an over arching theme of money and the recession. I have thought of a few phrases and just need to know if I am on the right track with my visuals. My phrases are:-

Making the pourer richer - my initial idea was to show money being poured out of a bottle and then probably using expensive food and maybe some sauce being poured onto it.

Splash out for less - for this I originally thought of using the product and showing that you can get more of it for less? then I thought of using food maybe a burger and splashing the sauce all around it, or even splashing the sauce onto a empty plate.

Feeling the squeeze - my initial idea that was given to me was squeeze into your thin jeans and photoshopping the heinz bottle, then I thought of squeezing the bottle and showing that instead but should I just have the bottle in focus or show the bottle being squeezed onto a burger, sandwich?

Finally more dollops for you dough - photographing a few dollops says it all!!!.

A little help needed. If you need any visuals I can scan in my notepad that shows my brainstorming I just hope I am on the right track and my tutors like it .
Oh I like these very good, i like dollops idea best, maybe you could have the top idea rather than making the poorer richer how about some play on the expensive food being served with tom sauce and how the sauce is the luxury, because it its a fantastic product and we are all feeling the squeeze even the rich posh people who are now using the sauce as a luxury. And i like the splash out on a plain plate with maybe someone swiping just one chip across the splash (so it says the you have splashed out on all the sauce for one chip)... good luck! :)
I'd say they're all pretty good ideas. Which is better than having no ideas at all. Try and get a few rough visuals down for each of them then weed out the weak ones. We'll help!
These are some great ideas! I like Moomin's of the big splash of sauce... Splash out for less and Feeling the squeeze? are probably the best to start with...
I can imagine the jeans one in my head. It would probably fit with Heinz' other campaigns, if that's what you're going for.

When I watch TV cookery shows (not often) they always seem to be talking about 'cheap' meats, such as offal. I personally wouldn't eat tripe, kidneys, liver, tongue, etc, but if it was covered in a Heinz sauce, maybe. This could be similar to an ad they had in the past though, where a guy fishes a rancid pizza slice out of a bin, pours salad cream on and chows down.
Oh! like the marmite ad where he bites into some marmite toast and hates it so much he drinks the rotten milk from the carton.
Thanks for your replies everyone, I have managed to upload just 2 attachments will upload the other later on. I have also emailed one to my tutor and will see what they say now. :icon_eek:


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I really like the "Feeling The Squeeze" one.
I would approach it by having a bottle squeezing some sauce out, as an 'invisible belt' of sorts squeezes it out of it.

But your idea for it is still really good, go with it!