Arabic Text problems

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I hope someone can help me with this problem.

I am creating some artwork for a client. The product requires some Arabic text on it. I don;t speak or write Arabic, so they have provided me with the text in Word.

But when I try to transfer it over to Illustrator, the text changes it appearance.

The text in Word claims to be Arial, but it also says Arial in Illustrator.

Does anyone know how to get Arabic text from Word to Illustrator?



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At a guess, you'd likely need the arabic 'language pack' on your pc or it might be something like the below



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Hi Mark
This tool might help you, I had the same issue once as the arabic characters get reversed once copied in illustrator / indesign etc. after a lot of headache and research I managed to sort it out with the below, just copy and paste the arabic text you got given there:

Hope it helps!


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I usually just outline the text by ‘printing’ a pdf of the email /document that I’m seeing the Arabic text in, then bring that into illustrator as paths not fonts. I think the system can’t handle it because it doesn’t understand RTL reading text (if you look closely the character order will just be reversed)