Appy ever after?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a good app on the mac app store for freelancers, where i can store time spent, deadlines, projects and ideally something that will open up on startup to remind me whats going on?

Failing that anyone know of a programme etc.. from outside the world of apple that will basically do what i am after?



I don’t bother with the “proper” apps, but just use stickies instead. However when my screen started overflowing with stickies I switched to a programme called Evernote which is essentially a sticky holding application. It’s ruddy brilliant if you like making checklists of things you need to do and can’t be bothered doing it properly! A combination of having a To-Do list, a note (with checklists for projects) for each client and iCal for reminders seems to work for me.

But then again, interested too if there’s anything else out there a little more advanced than this!


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sounds like you need to learn either excel or pages (depending whether you have iwork or office).


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I use a freeware/shareware programme for timing jobs called Work-timer. If you want to print out you have to pay but it was very cheap.