Apple reveals sleek new iOS7

I quite like it. I think the overall look is cleaner and the revised settings control panel looks like a good step forward. We shall see when we get it on our iPhones!
It definitely looks much better than iOS6 but that was looking so dated you could have mistaken it for a Blackberry OS! I like the way they have simplified the design (like the compass shown there). But, quite frankly, it just isn't radical or improved enough. Manufacturers are doing amazing things with 'skinning' Android, just check out the HTC ONE or the S4 to see what standards are like now. Sorry Apple, you are just getting left further and further behind. Dining out on available apps is not a wise business model. That's my two-pence worth anyway.
Beg to differ, The ethos and design style of simplicity and functionality will I think always remain at Apples core. Simple doesn't just happen and they have historically been making things super intuitive for a long time now. They certainly are not going to ditch that method.
Whilst it's wonderful to see them move away from the skeuomorphist designs that are outdated and somewhat annoying, I can understand where Corrosive is coming from with his thoughts about them not going far enough. It would have been nice to see them take the lead once more, and create the direction for others to follow, rather than sit so very short of a revolutionary step forward. However, I do think that this represents Apple well - the ethos of simplicity, style and functionality works well here, and whilst it may not be groundbreaking, it is a wonderful step forward whilst inkeeping with their core values.

And that new compass is well fit!
I must admit, when I first saw it, I did feel like I'd seen it somewhere before. Perhaps it's because I've been looking at UI/UX design too much lately that everything I look at seems to look similar. I'm not saying I don't like it, because I do, it just didn't hit me as it did when the first iPhones, iPad OS's etc.. were introduced.

Also, that new Mac Pro desktop computer is just something else. Mental.
I'm really excited that apple have redeveloped their iOS as thats been a real bugbear of mine for a while. I hate the fact that you spend £500+ on a new iphone and it works exactly like the last one!! I'd been considering ditching apple but I think I might just stick it out!! lol
I was reading an article only this morning (which I cannot find now) that Apple may have simplified the look removing gradients and shadows etc as they may be looking at a 3D display in the future, giving much more depth to the screen.
Ive run a developer version of ios7 on my iphone and tbh, its actually pretty nice to work with. Not sure if its enough to keep me pumping £90 a month into a business contract but it'll pacify me till the new tax year I reckon. lol
Looks pretty cool. iOS was in need of an update as the skeuomorphism approach was getting pretty tired with its cheesy visual metaphors. Its the same as OSX. The notes and calendar applications look pretty awful! I'll be looking forward to 10.9 Mavericks.

I don't own an iPhone but I have an iPad, so I will be keen to get iOS7 as it will probably make it look pretty nice I recon. Apple have definitely taken inspiration from the other phone operating systems as well as phone hardware (i.e making the iPhone screen bigger).
Apple havn't needed to take inspiration. But I'm glad they are beginning to. They should start hiring some of these freelance guys.