Apple Macs


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Anyone selling a used Mac suitable for design work?

If so, can you let me know model, spec and price please?

Thanks. Can anyone recommend what the best Mac desktop machine is for design work - on a budget!!!

Mac Mini will do the job but iMac seems to be the "go to" machine for designers going down the Apple route.

If it helps I bought my 17" macbook pro from Maple UK
I have a 22" (I think) mid 2010 iMac and it runs perfectly well for design work, especially now that I've upgraded the RAM to 12GB. I also have a non-retina MacBook Pro that I have as a back up or for when I'm in meetings or working out of a remote location. One of my friends uses his MBP for all his design work, but he has it set up to an external monitor so he's not working on a tiny screen.