Apple Graphics - Copyright?


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Hi people.

I've done a design for a local council youth brochure which I've used a vector graphic of an iPhone 4.
The client loves it but have asked me about copyright.
I've taken off the Apple logo and there is no reference to Apple at all in text, but its clearly a iPhone 4 design.

Any advice on what I am and are not allowed to get away with? On Apple's site its very clear about the logo and the brand name, but a bit wooly about 'products'.
The brochure is a funded print design to give away for free to promote youth employment opportunities and facts.

Do you know if this is actually allowed? I don’t want to use it and then the council get in trouble!! This could lead to me not getting any more work!

Did you create the vector graphic or was it from a stock site? Actually, either way I think you're ok, the only way I think you wouldn't be is if you had just found a random vector someone had created on google or something. I mean, I'm pretty sure you can get vectors like this on stock sites and they won't allow anything that breaches copyright - do a quick search on shutterstock for 'smartphone' and you'll see what I mean.