App...titude for Digital Marketing


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I just wanted to get a general consensus for how people use digital marketing. We’re all aware of growth of the Apple iPhone and how they have completely transformed the future of mobile applications. The number of iPhone users grew by over 150% between January and November 2009 (Admob, 2010). What you may not be aware of, is how have also radically changed the opportunities for SME’s in marketing communications.

Can you remember 10 years ago when you were considering if a website would benefit your business? “Application” based phones are the future and Apple, with approximately 87% market share in Western Europe (Admob, 2010), remain pioneers within the market followed by Blackberry and HTC with the internet giant, Google having recently launched their new phone.

Until now, large businesses with big budgets have predominantly taken advantage of the new technology; what opportunties do you think smartphones offer SME's? You can complete a questionnaire about how you use digital and online marketing.