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Hi Everyone,

I’m currently in the process of launching a new website called We App Together, which allows Programmers, Graphics Designers and Musicians collaborate together to develop Apps for Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices and earn money from the profit they make.

At this point, I’ve got the website developed, ready and running, you can access it by navigating to What I’m looking for is Graphics Designers (as well as Developers and Musicians) to check out the site, register and start using it. The site also has a built in Forum and area to log bugs/suggestions etc.

Ultimately, I’m hoping the website develops into a community that enables members work with other members to gain experience, add to portfolios and make a little money too! However it’s early days just yet! :icon_smile:

If anyone has any queries, or would like to know more, please feel free to get in contact.

Thanks everyone,

Hi Richard, I'll give you credit that you are starting a creative online community specialising in building apps for mobile and perhaps tablet platforms, by assembling skilled people to your website to produce these apps.

You are aware that it's not as easy as that.

What's your background? Are you a developer, designer or music composer?

What's the market cost to build an app?
How much would a specialist digital agency charge for a mobile app product?
How much do you expect a designer should be paid, or a developer from your website?

Build a Photo Browser iPhone App Course


These are creative online businesses, have a look how they attract users and how they build a mutual community.

I believe your branding, website and perhaps approach needs a lot of work.
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Hi PriyeshDesign

Thanks for your response, my background is in software development, developing enterprise solutions before branching into mobile apps a few years ago.

I understand where you are coming from, many Business pay large sums of money to develop and market mobile Apps, either themselves or via agencies. While this has resulted in a number of specialist agencies being formed, this isn’t the direction I want to take We App Together.

Instead, We App Together is more for individuals to work with other members to create Apps. Rather than We App Together paying the graphics designers, developers etc. the collaborators will be paid an agreed percentage of the profit the app makes once it is released. This percentage is set by the user who registers the idea and so will differ from App to App. If the agreed percentage profit for the graphics designer is 30% and the App goes on to make £100,000, the graphics designer will earn £30,000.

I am aware that this payment method may not be acceptable for some people who expect to be paid an amount prior to starting work. However this method makes it advantageous for all collaborators to not only finish the work, but ensure it is to a high quality as ultimately as they get paid solely on how successful the App is.

I’m also sure you’re right with regard to the work still needing done. I believe the basics of the branding are there, but further work is needed certainly. As for my approach, I am fully aware that it is different to other websites out there currently. However there are enough websites like <<removed>> around already, so right now, I’m happy to try and do things a little differently and see how things go. :)

Thanks again,

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