Anyone still use Yell for advertising?


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I've been in the Yell (now Hibu!?) book and had an online presence for years, but I,ve never knowingly got any
serious enquiries from it. Anyone still use it, or use any other alternative business directory?
My other half has a Hibu listing which promises to bump her to the top of google for specific searches but the search phrase is something so obscure you'd be really unlikely to ever search for it... Think its something like "Event Stationery in York"... Yes it is, I just tried it and she comes up top. If you can get them to agree to give you a decent search phrase it might be worth a go.
That's it though, they don't say how many people search for the phrases and the phrases they suggest are easy to rank for, as they are not competitive. It's just a sales tactic to make you part with your money and unfortunately people who don't realise this get ripped off in my opinion.

Give it a little while and I bet the company goes into liquidation.
I think it's worth having the free online listing just for the links if nothing else, the site is a Page Rank 7 and you can get a lot of links. One website I run for example is a gym and personal trainer so similar phrases like "personal trainer in Bromsgrove", "gym in Bromsgrove", Fitness training in Birmingham" and many other variations which bring them up in a search result all provide a good back-link and we do get quite a few website visits from it although I can't say how many enquiries they get.
Thanks, folks.

I may give it another year with just the web presence and see how it goes.
... Give it a little while and I bet the company goes into liquidation.

A quick look-up online paints a picture of a company that's already well on its way. I was a bit surprised to learn that Yell is still in existence anyway but, nonetheless, I certainly wouldn't be putting any business their way right now.