Anyone know how this is done?

The angled shots look real to me. The birdseye shots are photoshopped, and it's very easy to do. All they've done is add various gradient shadows to make it look curved. There are 2 gradients in the middle of the spread, 1 on each page, 2 curved shadows at the bottom underneath the magazine, and 1 big dropshadow. Remove all of those gradients and shadows, and you're left with a rectangle shape'd spread. No curves or bends or anything.
Thanks Dodfaefife, do you know which ones are good? Have just done a search but can't find any that comes close to being very realistic.
I've used the Cover Action Pro 2.0 ones. The final result depends which actions you're using and the source graphics. You can always tweak the resulting layers in PS. These ones I did a while back came out pretty good. Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 16.27.38.jpg Good luck.
Where can you download these 'templates' I wouldn't even know what to search! I always wondered about this type of displaying of products/work?
Try taking a look on Graphic River for templates. Another resource is but it's only just gone live recently so I think they're still working out a couple of kinks with a few of the templates.