Anyone able to take this job on?


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Boss, I completely understand if you decide to move this to to the tenders & services page....

We were contacted today by a 'charity' requesting a quote for a job they wanted doing. They've tried Vistaprint but the website wasn't working so are looking at alternatives. Thus far the best price they claim to have been quoted is £100 and have promised if we can beat it we'll get "THE JOB"....

Design, print and delivery of the following:

250 business cards x 4 names (4/4)
1000 A5 flyers (4/4)

Oh shit! did someone actually just die laughing?....
Unfortunately I cannot beat that price, (shocking I know). But I'll do the job. £100 worth of the job anyway....
Funnily enough I could match £100...just but not worth it for the few quid I'd make. So it's a "No" from me (said in best Simon Cowell voice). If it is print only and they can stretch to £150 then I'll do it.
I've already told em I'd want over double that. Somehow managed to end the call with them asking for a banner printing quote!!