Any tips for producing my graphics design portfolio?


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Self explanatory, i am new to the graphics design industry but i've been getting semi regular requests for japanese anime styled illustrations and want to expand my range of

what would people recommend i put in a portfolio? i dont have any experience with coding though so no website design.

would logos and icons be appropriate?

any tips would be helpful. thank you
Put in the type of work you want to be doing for people. If you want to design logos and icons then include them, if not, leave 'em out and just showcase the stuff you do want to design.
thank you very much...i dont know what is considered proffessional quality yet, ill probably have to learn how tu use inkscape because i dont have illustrator
As said above,

Also if you have some spare time maybe try some different medium/materials just to show some skill and creativity, I always like to see a portfolio with a bit of different thinking.

For example one of my projects back in college i drew an apple that had a piece missing, I then took some coloured paints and splashed them together coming off the apple, to give a kind of explosion/splash effect coming from the apple, and also withthe use of a straw i blew some paint onto the print to give effect.

It was very different to everyone else that had produced digital graphics but everyone liked it.

Japanese would be a good subject/theme to try too!