Any tips at all?


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I have mostly done web design but have over the past year trying to do more print and stuff. I am improving. My logo desing is improving but I seem to be at a block with the one I am on now.
It is a logo for a Rastafarian Education organisation called Learning Links International. I have tried a few ideas and compositions but not getting it yet. Any feedback at all will be appreciated.

My portfolio site is below.

I have attached two rough examples

Thanks William


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It looks like you have gone straight onto the computer with these. It's always best to sketch ideas and let yourself go a bit before going onto the computer because it restricts creativity. You'll find that you will come up with more ideas which in turn lead to better quality ones.

I don't know what some of the others on here think but that would be my advice because the ideas here look a bit inhibited.

All the best with it!

Thanks for the comments.

I did in fact start doing skethes before I went to the computer. Out of all the other logos I
have done this one is taking the longest.

Interestingly enough at some other times I have sketched and stuff and experimented with thoughts
etc but then went to the computer and freely experimented on it and then come up with ideas
doing that. Maybe I will give it a break do something else and come back to it.

Thanks anyway