Any mentors out there?


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Ok lil fill in on the info.
I'm 27 and been in and out of the print/design industry since 2007 and having been an all-rounder in most of the roles I've been in, I'm struggling to see what my major strengths are and wondering what I should be following career path-wise as nothing has really taken off in a strong way.

For example do I need to do some classes for example to boost things in one direction?
Am keen to get off the bottom rung but don't not sure about which roles are more suitable.
Can anyone give me some pointers?
My CV is attached (not in huge detail but hopefully paints a picture)

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Hi there,

Looking at your CV the jobs you have had seem to be only for a few months. Is this just due to them being temporary positions?

If so, the immediate goal should be to try and get a permanent full time position, easier said than done I know. Doing the same type of work day in day out will give sharpen your focus on what type of work you enjoy and increase your skills, you will also quickly realise exactly what you don't want to do.

Also, if you get a permanent position, this will hopefully give you a proper springboard to getting a better job which has more to do with what you have hopefully by then decided to focus on. Given the tough times we are currently in, you would think people would understand that temporary positions are more and more common, unfortunately, I still believe employers would favour being able to see someone in one job role for a few years than a number of short term roles.

Trying to jump up a level or two in job responsibility / pay without being in a consistent position for at least a year or two is going to be difficult. Adding to your skill set in your own time will always be beneficial, as will doing some freelance work.