Any Knowledge of FSB?


New Member
Hello, I was wondering if somebody could offer any news or insights on the FSB?

I have been to one of the networking events looking to offer my services but it seems as if everyone is trying to push there own agenda's and many of these agendas never really align. Of course, I went as I'm looking to find clients, find services and make industry contacts but many of the contacts at the event seem very out of sync with design.

That is my main impression of the FSB.

I have somebody who is encouraging me to become a design FSB member and sings its praises but I think she is affiliated with getting new members to sit on boards or fill positions. Sometimes when people are cagy with their true agendas you can generally read between the lines with non-answers / ignored questions.

So the question is: is the FSB worthwhile for designers and web people? or am best investing my networking efforts elsewhere? What are you experiences and opinions of the FSB for a design/business owner stand point?

Any prior experience or knowledge would be appreciated. So I know what to expect.