Any ideas for displaying large number of staff thumbnail photos?


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I currently design a quaterly magazine for a charity and once a year, they publish a thumbnail photo for each of their staff in a series of spreads. There are roughly 175 photos. The magazine has just moved from A4 to A5. They would like a different look other than just a grid with the staff member's name and job title underneath the thumbnail which has been done in the past. I'm not sure there is any other way to display this number of staff photos and info without it looking really disorganised. I may just have to tell them it is the only feasible way to do it. Any ideas? Group photos not an option this time around....thanks.
To get away from a grid look - maybe you could use circles for the thumbnail image.

Something like this - but use different colours for each background colouring

Hello Kimmy,

It might be helpful if you can post up a screen shot of one of the page spreads, so that we can see exactly what you are working with.

What I get from your post is that the key factors are the Thumbnail Photos, Staff Names and Job Title. If they are not already, could they be organised alphabetically but sectioned off via job titles. This will eliminate the need to have job titles under the photos.

Following this, I imagine from your post that they are simply placed rectangular thumbnail photos, with name and job title underneath, in a continuous row and column rectangular format. If so, the layout and design can always be improved to look more appealing, as it is a 'different look' they have requested after all, as opposed to the current grid system.

A screen shot of its current state would be really useful actually.
This is quite a lot to ask for, particularly 175 members of staff.

I would kindly suggest to include only the top members in the organisation like the board of directors and general managers. And with respect to the other members, could you not categorise them in a list format by their job position for example 'Administrators' and 'Volunteers'?