Any advice on whats the best A3 inkjet printers out there??


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I am looking at buying an A3 colour high quality inkjet printer can anybody help me at what i should be looking for in a really good quality printer and any printers you would recommend for be great. its for home use, my budget is around £300-£400 is that a price range for a good A3 printer.

Epson Stylus Photo 1400. Brilliant printer. Having read a lot of reviews, it's the one I chose to print out my photography portfolio and I'm very very impressed.
Hey thanks for that, I read a couple of reviews of the printer and its sounds good....have you had any other printers before the epson?, does the printer cost much to run, with the inks?
Cost wise i'd say it's not too bad. The good thing is, all the colours are separate so once you've bought them initially, you only have to replace them one at a time. I've always had Epson printers to be honest - they've always had the best reviews and recommendations.