Another flyer to get yer teeth into!


Ok it appears family and friends only give you that, mmmm that's nice... overall fail opinion :icon_Wall:

So I'm hoping you can add some critique, it's always so much more difficult to produce your own stuff.

My initial concerns are - it's too busy, and that the 'turn around' style might confuse some, but I'm looking at this from the angle that if I'm making them twist and read, then they are ENGAGED, which is a good thing :)

Other element is that I need a proper site, I am working on one at the moment but boy, I'm finally realising that there really aren't enough hours in the day, especially if you get paid for them :icon_cheers:

Finally the text content is not final, most of it is filler at the moment but the amount / body is about right.


well the mrs has had a nibble on it, ahem, and a revised image below - my concern was too much colour, what do you think?