Annual Report design quote


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Hi all, I've been asked to quote for designing an Annual Report in a similar format their current version. I usually do flyers and leaflets, and the occasional newsletter, and am not used to pricing up jobs such as this though I'd love the business! It's for 37 pages, full colour A4 with all text/images supplied, so I'd appreciate any tips on appropriate pricing. As an example I'd usually do a newsletter, say 4 pages, at £50 page, but I figured that with such a bigger job it might be appropriate to go in at around £25-30 a page, to show some 'good nature'! What does anyone think? cheers all
I think so. I'm trying not to let them pin me down in the absence of content so have a range that equates to approx. £25-35 per page so we're not too far away from one another on price. What kind of a business are you pitching to, by the way?
It's for an NHS hospital trust who I used to do some work for with my old employer, before I went freelance. They've got to cut a lot of money from their PR & design budgets, so that's why I can't afford to price myself out of this one
Hi Simon,

The experience I've had with working on Report and Accounts is that because of the nature of the job, it's vital that all facts & figures presented are 100% correct. As a result the client often needs to make multiple changes to text and information (some pages can be updated 4 or 5 times before the document goes to print).

While I think that £25-£30 per page is a fair estimate, I would also factor in an additional cost for client amends so you're covered for the multiple changes that the client will inevitably make.

Good luck with the quote for the job and I hope it all works out okay.
On the same topic, I always make it clear from the outset that client-directed amends to content submitted after the artwork has been produced will be charged at an hourly rate and that it's therefore in the client's interest to make sure that all copy has been checked and approved in advance.
Do not forget the perceived value. Cot plus is a key factor to consider - but ask a few associates (idealy in the same sector) how much one report is worth. Others quoting will be costing from both ends.