And you were worried about people expecting cheap work!?...


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I signed up to Elance recently after it was recommended by a friend as a good way of getting a bit of extra work in. He had warned me not to expect great money but I didn't realise quite how bad it was!

I decided to submit a proposal for a job but by the time I'd written my proposal and worked what it'd cost, I'd been undercut by over £125!! Someone in India had put a quote in for £30! :icon_eek: How on earth is anyone expected to make a living Now India has the internet and photoshop?!?:icon_cursing:
I signed up for Elance a few months ago and experienced a very similar thing for a freelance job I was interested in.

It's a fantastic opportunity for designers and developers in India to pitch for work but I can't imagine many designers in the UK are winning that much work on there.
Simples really...move to India where living costs are lower, and you'll soon be minted!

Seriosuly though, this kinda thing irritates the life out of me! :icon_cursing:
This is what the mate that put me onto it said:

most people know that only s**t comes out of india. make sure your pfolio is up to scratch and hopefully people will pay for quality. I have had to do a few $50 jobs (never bidded, they find me and invite me) but generally its a quick 30min thing! bid high!

You wont make mega bucks on elance for sure BUT you are guarenteed to pay the bills and make some regular clients. Just to buy some time to advertise and get local contacts, THAT is where the big bucks are

Think I need to go networking with him some time soon! :icon_biggrin:
Simples really...move to India where living costs are lower, and you'll soon be minted!
That's the point though isn't it? £30 to someone over there is probably equivalent to hundreds here. Doesn't help us much though :icon_mad:
I had a really interesting chat with a hotel owner in Vietnam who also ran a web design business and there is absolutely no way people from the UK can compete with people from Vietnam/India/Nepal etc. So don’t even try :)

I suppose a clever person gets the work in the UK and outsources it to these cheaper places (that’s what the hotel owner was angling at). If only I was that clever person!
This is my problem with all this. People have told me that if I'm not happy just don't apply to request posts. My problem is that it will affect me and others anyway, whether I respond to requests or not. It's not a big problem for someone over here to have a logo done in India or wherever nowadays. Thats the 'beauty' of the internet.

I was made redundant from my last job because all the work went to India. It's the way it's going now.
Its really bad!!

The best thing is to forget about those sites, and start canvasing in your area or the next city with big clients. Stick to our country with our prices.