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Ok, so I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I'm using photoshop to try and create a flier for a night I'm organizing. I know from reading around the forum photoshop is not the tool to use, but please still answer my question if you can. I have used two images, maximised their contrast, reduced their threshold, and set them against a black background. All looks good when I create the single image, but after I save, close, and re open there are straight white lines around the two seperate images. I try to blot them out using the brush tool but it creates greyish lines on the outer edges of the brush. Does anyone know what I mean and how to fix it? Do I need to upload an image somewhere and link it to here to show what i mean? Pls help!
Hi Chris,

Don't worry, you've sorted it for me already! This thread was from before we got things moving, was just keepin options open!

Cheers, Matt