Am I too old to be considered by employers for Junior Graphic Design positions?



I have been applying for a few junior Graphic Design positions in the UK and I am concerned that my age will put employers off me. I am 32, and I feel my age will go against me when I apply for these roles. Do you think this is true ? Thanks
From previous experience from what I have seen within the workplace, I think that some employers may wonder how long you could survive on a Junior wage packet. But saying that everyone is different and may not think in the same way. Also I don't think you have to put your age on your CV anyway, I know that if you where introduced by an agency that they wouldn't reveal your age to keep things fair.
Yes that is a good idea to not put my date of birth on my CV. But then again I'm not sure if you are supposed to put your date of birth on a CV as a rule. Yes I can see what you are saying about someone of my age surviving on a junior salary. I suppose if you want some thing as badly as I do you will sacrifice anything for it. I will sacrifice nights outs and expensive clothes to live off a junior salary if it means I get my dream job. Thanks Rockfish.
Mrs Bigdave is 30 and has only been working as a Junior Designer for 6 months so she's living proof that its possible.

I think the companies within the creative industry that would consider a 32 year old too old to be a junior are the same ones who are in china white snorting coke with kate moss on a friday night so I doubt we need to worry about what they think.
I wouldn't be concerned as an employer - as long as I didn't suspect the strategy was to use the position as a rapid industry stepping stone.
Saw this job in the West Midlands advertisied yesterday if its of any use to you:

Graphic Designer
Vacancy from
Job No:SPH/39393
Wage: Meets Nat Min Wage
Hours: 37.5 per week monday-friday 10am-6pm
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands B5
Duration: Permanent
Date posted: 18 August 2010
Pension details: No details held
Experience is not essential. Must have good knowledge of Photoshop in design and Illustrator. Must have good customer service skills and be able to work independently. Duties include taking orders from customers doing the advertising work and design leaflets and other duties as required. . .

How to apply
You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Shenying Li at G10 Design and Print, [email protected].

G10 Design and Print
Rockfish - Yes I have been registered with AF Selection for some time now but have not had much luck. I have some work experience lined up soon at a printers to learn the print process thoroughly and after that I will be more employable. I hope :)

Munni - that job add looks good! Thanks for that.
If you have experience in a printers that will of enormous benefit to you. You don't have to put your age on a CV - employers aren't meant to be ageist now! I suspect they might be suspicious that you couldn't survive on a junior wage - but if you are living with a millionaire it wouldn't matter!!

My advice is keep tryin and you wil find somethig. Do your nice porfolio and some samples of your designs and websites if you have or write in Cover Letter what exactly skills you have. And build clear and nice CV - you have to know how to sell yourself to potential employers. I know is hard even myself keep tryin get job in creative industry with not too impresive portfolio. I recommend Jobcentre and CV-Library. Good Luck !
I don't see why age should be a factor if you can do the job just as well as anyone else, in fact your age should encourage employers to keep you around simply due to the fact if you're starting off on a new path at 30+ and willing to start at the bottom then you're not likely to just drop out the way some younger guys would. You're starting from the bottom for a good reason, you wanna do the job and not for money.