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Greetings all!
I'm looking for a print company that can offer a comprehensive and competitive service on a range of promotional and marketing products.

I'm a graphic designer sourcing printing for clients and am sick of having to get multiple jobs printed with multiple companies.

For an example, I need printed promotional goods such as Pens, Mouse Mats, Mugs and Notepads as well as traditional paper print such as business cards and flyers. I would ideally like to be able to get it all done under one roof.

I need competitive pricing for short runs as well as larger jobs.

At the moment, I'm using V*staPr*nt (yuck) for short run jobs and for larger runs. They are maybe not the most popular companies in the printing world, but my clients are happy with the work and they generally offer low pricing which enables me to stick my % on top with no problem.

Unfortunately neither offers promotional print, hence me looking for new companies to work with.

Any suggestions for UK companies meeting the criteria above would be appreciated!

Cheers :icon_smile:
Isn't it usually the case that even if one company offers everything, they more than likely outsource (may be a printers, but don't do mugs mouse mats etc in house), which costs you a little more as you are paying them to do the legwork of quotes and orders.
This is exactly the case, we can source mugs, pens and other promotional items but as they are not printed in-house by would probably get a better deal by contacting a printer of these items direct.

Your best bet would be to find a printer that can provide for 90% of your most popular products, and then look to build a list of contacts that can supply the other 10% as and when needed.
Yes, I pretty much understand the mechanics of the system. In a previous business we used to print work wear / custom clothing - although about 40% of jobs would be outsourced elsewhere - for embroidery etc...

Agree almost all smaller print shop's are going to outsource one or the other.

I was mainly enquiring if anyone knew any print giants who offer everything... ala but with the Promo goods & also offer low quantities as well as bulk.

It looks like I will have to shop around individually to complete the job.

I will rephrase the question, if I may.

Anyone know of any good, cheap and cheerful printers of Pens & Mugs? No minimums - so a digital or transfer rather than screen print.